About Me

A technologist for a living but a fine artist in spirit - an engineer / designer. I live in Toronto.

About This site

How simply can you present a body or work well? A good edit spans no more than 10-12 works, and a life's work perhaps 5-6 major series. This art presents without crops- a compromise, as visual design composes for the aspect(s) of the screen or page.

Look behind this site: It's static, built to work with very inexpensive hosting. Markup attempts to be minimal and semantic: Headers for headers, paragraphs for paragraphs. Code for readability. Minimize fetches beyond the pictures. Put in enough flexibility to allow a change of edits, and a little bit of lazy loading for performance on the big pictures. It is a way to express a point of view on overkill of using extensive infrastructure to do simple things.

- Jeremy